Good Shoes: The Lesser-Known Essential In the Legal Wardrobe

One of the most important elements in the starting attorney’s tool bag is an item never carried in the briefcase.  While we all see attorneys in quality business suits and dresses, rarely do we remember that an attorney should also have a few good pairs of top-caliber shoes in the wardrobe.  Business shoes that look good and feel comfortable are an essential part of any busy attorney’s wardrobe.  They help one stand and make presentations and cross-examinations in the courtroom, and conduct the mundane but equally essential research, interviews and conferences that make up a substantial part of the daily workload.

When appearing in a courtroom or meeting in a conference, the good attorney will usually be dressed from head to toe, wearing classy shoes and accessories from Allen Edmonds.  On other occasions, such as when engaged in extensive research in legal libraries to compile information for preparing a legal brief, the attorney may wear less formal clothing that is still professional in appearance and image.  A pair of comfortable slip on penny loafers or suede boots obtained with a Groupon coupon or promo code from Allen Edmonds can be perfect wear for days working in the office or in the legal research library.  While gathering information via online computer research tools, or communicating with others active in gathering material for an upcoming case the attorney’s attire can be less formal; when meeting with clients or contestants in a legal or criminal proceeding one will want to appear more formal and professional.

Legal clients seek to feel a sense that their representative is not just someone who is familiar with the law, but that he or she is also someone who is appropriate to serve as their representative.  This role as a legal representative is a concern that is essential to keep in mind for any attorney.  A good way to put together your wardrobe is to think how you want the person who would represent you to appear to others.  Choose your wardrobe based on your response to this question.  Most businesses insist upon a certain degree of professionalism.  You can achieve that for your fledging legal firm by acquiring your business wardrobe with the use of Groupon coupons and promo codes.  The items in that wardrobe can have a major impact on the future growth and expansion of your firm’s clientele.