Find The Best Way Of Doing Uncontested Divorce In Ontario!

When you are going to do uncontested divorce in Ontario then it is necessary that you first understand the entire procedure of divorce properly so that you can follow the procedure and get best results. There are many things that you need to do when you are preparing for uncontested divorce but if you will search about each and every possible scenario of it then it will definitely get really very confusing for you. So, here I am sharing with you explained and simple procedure of uncontested divorce which will help you to understand the procedure and then you would be able to get divorce perfectly without any kind of trouble at all.

  • Review legislation: First thing to do in this matter when you are trying to follow the right procedure of uncontested divorce in Ontario is reviewing The Divorce Act of lawand Family Law Rules 5, 8, and 36.
  • Start proceedings: The next thing for you to do in this process is determining the starting of case proceedings. The proper research about Rule 5(1)(a) & (b) of the Family Law Rules will help you to understand the right time when you should be starting your case’s proceedings.
  • Documentation: The case is not complete without proper document which means that the necessary thing for you to do in this step is the preparation of all the necessary documents which might include divorce application, service affidavit and other required necessary documents.
  • Application: This is time for you to issue your application of divorce because it is necessary that you get Clearance Certificate because it is necessary to get this certificate to move ahead for next step.
  • Serve your Application: You would need to finalize your application and then you would need to serve it with all the required document attachments.
  • Divorce Order: The next step of this process is obtaining the final Divorce Order for further proceedings. You would need to submit necessary documents for Divorce Order and Divorce Certificate.
  • Divorce Order and Certificate of Divorce: The final step is ensuring that everything is alright with the documents and then obtaining all the necessary clearances including Divorce Order and Certificate of Divorce.

For perfect results, it is necessary that you make sure that you follow each and every step of this procedure very carefully. In fact, no issue of any kind can be tolerated in this procedure which means that you would need to be extra careful when you are following this procedure so that you can get best results of your procedure. If you want to make sure that you get best results of this procedure then it is better that you follow all the necessary details or you can simply prefer for this purpose.

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